People who don’t hire often, often make poor hiring decisions

I was chatting to a head-hunter I know this week about the market and how we were both starting to see positive movement. We were talking about how businesses make important decisions during a recession. When it comes to filling critical roles, they often try to cut costs with a DIY hire, why not it’s a candidate rich environment?!

The conversation reminded me of an HBR article I read a few years ago, which examined how business thrived during a recession. The key was a balance between cost-saving (from operational efficiency) and investing in new technology and markets.

Businesses that thrive will pivot into new markets and new operational models, merely battening down the hatches will not put you in a position to grow.

Back to the hiring decision, if you want to change the direction of your business, what are the chances that you will make the right decision on your own? There is plenty of evidence about how difficult it is to make the right hiring decision. The costs to a business of getting a critical hire wrong can be bad news in the good times, but potentially catastrophic in the bad.

Businesses have big decisions to make over the coming weeks and months, those that make the successful shift to new markets and operational models will come out of the current crisis on top.

Perhaps it’s time to consider an external point of view; role specification, candidate selection or broader still to your overall go to market strategy.

If you want to shift your business and go after new opportunities, now is the time.

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